Cabin Hours
Sunday through Thursday: 8 AM to 9 PM
Friday and Saturday: 8 AM to 10 PM
Waiver Form: HERE
View the Cabin map HERE
When a Cabin is not being used for Lifestyle Presentations and Club meetings, the Cabins are accessible to all residents in good standing via their key fob.  Click here to review the Meeting Party and Celebration Cabin Rules and Reservation Policy.   See the information below for all the ways you can enjoy a studio with your neighbors!  Check the Imagery HOA calendar for cabin availability prior to your visit!
Rent a Cabin for a private party.  Is your beautiful new home not quite large enough for a party with your family and friends?  When not in use, the Meeting Party Cabin or Celebration Cabin is available for private parties.  Rental fees apply.  *Please see below for cleaning and trash note. Click here to review the private party rental agreement. 
Join or organize a club!  If you have a passion that you would like to share with your Imagery neighbors, check the club page to see if other neighbors share your same passion and join.  If you don't find a club, schedule an appointment with the Lifestyle Director who will help you reach out to the community to seek out five residents who share your same passion, and establish the newest Imagery club option!  Click here to view the club list and the link to the Club Policies and details on organizing a club.  *Please see below for cleaning and trash note.
Offer a Resident Interest Group Activity: All resident groups whose meetings are open to the community that does not duplicate an established club's activities.  Resident Interest Group may reserve a Cabin in advance.  Association meetings, programs, and events received priority use.  Room use is complimentary.  Click here to view the Resident Interest Group Reservation Agreement. *Please see below for cleaning and trash note.
All-resident 48-hour reservation for either studio:  Want to gather with a specific group of homeowners? Check the calendar to see what days and times the Cabin is available.  Complete the 48-hour Resident Reservation Agreement and email the completed form to  Room use is complimentary. Click here to view the 48-hour All Resident Group Reservation form.  *Please see below for cleaning and trash note. 
Residents can also use the Cabin on a drop-in basis: Check the Imagery HOA calendar prior to your visit to be sure that it is not reserved and use your fob to enter.  Keep in mind, that all residents can drop in!  *Please see below for cleaning and trash note. 
To use the Textile or Pottery Cabin(s) and if applicable, their guests must complete and submit a waiver prior to use.  Click here for the waiver.  Email completed waivers to 
*General cleaning and trash note:  In order to leave a Cabin "odor" free, whenever you use a cabin, we ask that you pull the garbage if there is excess food, cans, or bottles.  Garbage can be discarded in the trash cans located outside of the Gallery. 
Studio Addresses:  Mount Holly, NC 28120