Lake Use and Improvement Regulations

The information below is in an effort to provide education and bring awareness to the rules and governance of building on or along the shoreline, specifically docks along the shorelines of Mountain Island Lake for both common areas as well as individual home-sites in the Imagery Community.

First and foremost, it is important to be aware that any alterations, improvements or any service related activity upon common property or privately owned property is prohibited unless it is performed by an approved vendor of the Association and authorized by the Managing Agent and/or Board of Directors or the private property owner.

Owners are only able to perform services on their individual lots after obtaining proper approval from the Association through the Architectural Review process. If you have any questions regarding the architectural review process or what may be defined as an improvement please contact CAMS Management at 704-731-5560.

As we begin to enter into the spring season, we have received concerns and inquiries regarding alterations or improvements that have been constructed or are being planned to be constructed along the shorelines of the Imagery Community.

The Board and CAMS Management would like to take this opportunity to provide guidance on this matter to aid in addressing the communities questions that have been received relative to kayak launch locations, construction of boat docks and improvements along the shore lines of the Imagery Community.

We have provided a list of questions received to date and provided responses below on behalf of the Imagery Board of Directors:

1. Question: Are there plans for kayak storage in the Imagery Community?

Response: Yes, there are proposed locations for both boat storage and kayak storage. The particular property where these are proposed is private property at this time and is part of the proposed plans that have been submitted for review.

2. Question: Can the Association install temporary storage locations for kayaks in the community?

Response: No, the Association is not able to install temporary storage locations. Proper and permanent storage will be provided once approved and installed by the Developer.

3. Question: Are owners permitted to access the shorelines surrounding the Imagery Community by kayak or powered watercraft?

Response: No, temporary access along the shorelines surrounding the Imagery Community is not permitted at this time.

It is important to be advised that the property abutting the shoreline is private property at this time and is not regulated for public or community use.

Land that has been proposed for this use will be identified, insured and regulated accordingly once and if final permitting and plans are approved.

Utilizing temporary access points or attempting to access the shorelines along the Imagery Community can pose a safety and liability risk to any owner who chooses to take such action. The Imagery Board of Directors is asking owners not to engage in such activities along any property or shoreline bordering the Imagery Community.

All kayak or powered watercraft access should be directed to public regulated access points along Mountain Island Lake at this time.

4. Question: Are owners able to install private docks?

Response: In order to install a private dock, 100LF of shoreline is required along with several other stipulations per the restrictions and regulations set forth by the applicable governing entities such as Mount Holly, ACOE, NCDEQ, and FERC. 

5. Question: What is the status of the community boat docks and storage locations that are to be installed by the Developer?

Response: As of late March, the Developer, Lennar Homes, advised that they are continuing to work through final submittal and reviews with Duke Energy as well as of governing agencies in order to obtain approval for the proposed docks and storage.

They will continue to keep the Association updated as they progress in this effort.

Managing the shoreline of our lakes and reservoirs is a part of Duke Energy’s environmental commitment and policy. They partner with many local governmental agencies such as Mount Holly, ACOE, NCDEQ, and FERC to ensure that these shorelines are maintained to the natural ecology of these areas and are regulated accordingly. By managing the permitting process for piers, docks and other shoreline structures, Duke Energy helps preserve the environmental, recreational and cultural value of these precious resources and the Imagery Homeowners Association supports their offices along with the other governmental agencies in this effort.

If you have a question or inquiry as to what can be done or altered along the shoreline please contact CAMS Management. We will be happy to assist you in answering any questions that you may have to provide proper guidance.

If disturbance is reported, the responsible party may be subject to fines and penalties as determined by local municipalities as well as the Association. In addition, the Association has been notified that if shoreline disturbance is reported and is not authorized and appropriately permitted this can further delay the review and approval process of the community proposed docks along the shorelines.

Please aid the Association and all residents in ensuring that everyone is adhering to these rules and regulations to continue to protect and preserve the shorelines that surround the Imagery Community as well as the safety of each of our owners.

We would like to thank you for allowing us to provide you with this information. Please know that CAMS and the Board are working diligently to address the unauthorized shoreline improvement issues as they arise. Your patience and understanding during this process is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding this communication or its contents, please contact CAMS Management at 704-731-5560.